Shortfilm and beyond: The Never Ending Short Story of K

As a kid, you may have played this game where someone starts a story and stops narrating it after some minutes. Then another person continues the story from the point where the person who started it left it. After a little bit somebody else continues the story and so on and on. The story takes totally unexpected paths because each narrator adds something new and personal nobody expects. This is exactly The Never Ending Short Story of K, a series of shortfilms that together form a never ending movie where… well, nobody knows what happens next!

The Never Ending Short Story of K
The image of the movie poster was very clear in my mind and I designed almost at the same time as I came up with the concept and the story

Firstly I’d like to answer the question of who came up with the concept. Well, I won’t be humble on this one. One morning when I got up too early I had a couple of hours to kill before going to the office and this just came to my mind and I wrote the first two scenes of the first episode in one go. This was back in 2010 and by then I thought this would be a shortfilm to be finished in no time, make a website and social networks and pass it on to the next filmmaker.

Far from reality, it ended up to be part of my to-do list of projects and ideas. Although I started the production and it is actually ongoing. Well, at least when I have the time to deal with it. At this moment, the first scene is filmed and edited. The rest will be filmed in an unknown future. Fortunately, that shouldn’t be too far since this is on top of the pile of projects at the moment.

So now that you know this, let’s see some photos while we travel through the story of this project and we name some of the people who have helped and help in its production.


The first scene is published online on the official page of the project at

Most updates are published on the Facebook page of The Never Ending Short Story of K.

After finishing the script, my good friend Phil proof read it for me as I wrote it in English and that isn’t my first language. Later I made some storyboards:

They look very shameful if you compare them with the awesome storyboard that artist Nigel Hinckley made:


Since the idea came up when I was living in Preston (UK), the locations to use would be very close:

Before starting the filming I moved to Gibraltar and after a while I relaunched the project with Balazs Garda playing the main character K and Nereida Martin playing the cleaning lady from the first scene.

Balazs Garda as K
Balazs Garda plays the first appearance of K. Yes, K is played by several actors


Nereida Martin in K
Nereida Martin plays the cleaning lady from the first scene, but her character turns out to be essential in the story at a later stage

For the first scene I found an awesome location in the ruins of an old office building in Gibraltar:

So here we are with this “under development” project. But, have you asked yourself… how does it make sense that different actors play the same characters from one shortfilm to another? how does the story holds with this impediment to make characters identifiable by the audience? Well…

The core concept

K is a person who has been labelled as “K”. He doesn’t know his identity and doesn’t keep any memory of the events that brought him to the start of this story. Who labelled him K and why? how is all this resolved? I don’t know! but what is worst for K… he doesn’t know how he looks like.

K suffers from a rare condition. His 5 senses are out of sync. What he touches may not be what he sees, what he tastes may not be the same liquid he sees himself drinking. His face may not be the one he sees. From one shortfilm to the next one, or even within the same shortfilm, the faces of K and other characters change because K’s memory is limited and only selective to some senses. Is this condition something inherited or it has been provoked? it is up to the next filmmaker to answer questions and open new ones.

Finally, I’ll leave you with some photos from a location I really would like to use. This belongs to a ruin bar in Budapest. Seems to be made for the next scene!

Filming videos, taking photos, editing all that stuff + motion graphics. That’s the hands making the concept, the story and the idea a reality. Before all that, I’m a planner, coordinator, producer, scriptwriter. Currently developing skills in the growth stage: Marketing.

With a long history working in community media and educational sectors, currently a multimedia developer and video producer in the chess world and financial markets. With the latter offering a deep knowledge of trading and investing due to the over a hundred educational videos produced on trading stocks, Forex and cryptocurrencies.

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