Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017: Final recap videos

The Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017 was the first big chess event of the year. Watch it all here. Top players were present and it paves the ways chess will take for the rest of the season.

After the success of the recap videos made for the Chess World Championship, due to popular demand, I produced the recap videos for the Tata Steel Chess for chess24. Once again, Colin McGourty’s chess articles on chess24 were the basis for the videos and he solved all my doubts. Photographs by Alina L’Ami, official photographer for the event.

This format is proving to be a good container of promotional material. The videos are of interest for the audience and embedded in the videos we can add segments that drive the audience to the chess24 site, the YouTube channel and encourage subscription to Premium membership. All of that while providing a useful and enjoyable watching experience instead of an intrusive advert.

So here they are: 4 recap videos of the 13 rounds from the Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017.

Filming videos, taking photos, editing all that stuff + motion graphics. That’s the hands making the concept, the story and the idea a reality. Before all that, I’m a planner, coordinator, producer, scriptwriter. Currently developing skills in the growth stage: Marketing.

With a long history working in community media and educational sectors, currently a multimedia developer and video producer in the chess world and financial markets. With the latter offering a deep knowledge of trading and investing due to the over a hundred educational videos produced on trading stocks, Forex and cryptocurrencies.

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