Tata Steel Chess 2017
The Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017 was the first big chess event of the year. Watch it all here. Top players were present and it paves the ways chess will take for the rest of the season. After the success of the recap videos made for the Chess World Championship, due to popular demand, I […]

Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017: Final recap videos

Carlsen vs Karjakin
Short series of recap videos that summarize the 2016 World Chess Championship games providing useful and practical information for knowledgeable chess audiences, with twists and tensions in the storyline. Just as it happened. I made this series of recap videos for chess24 using the media generated in social networks, chess24 broadcast of the 2016 World […]

2016 World Chess Championship: Final recap videos

  Short news videos going viral based on captions, photos and some footage have been out there since Facebook added the autoplay feature. It’s been on the back of my head to use the format for the chess world for a while. Finally, some spare office time dedicated to creativity brought up the first video […]

chess24 in 1 minute. First video news on chess!

Bringing trendy video formats to the chess world and taking advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature, these facts videos with top chess players profiles are pretty popular among the chess audience. Visit this page to know more about my work for chess24.

Players profiles and facts for Paris Grand Chess Tour 2016

A history of chess
This video is a first attempt to make a viral video using the methods of: Reducing a number of historical facts to a limited video length. Using chess history in general to attract audience and inserting a commercial message. Using the auto-play function from Facebook and deliver information from the beginning. Using graphics, music and […]

A short history of Chess, or…Two millennia reduced to 90 ...