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Technical details Morazan, a revolution as told by its people / Morazán, una revolución contada por su gente (2015) Country: El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, UK, Spain Running time: 117 mins (Spanish), 118 mins (English) Aspect ratio: 4:3 SD (Upscaled version 16:9 FullHD under production) Type: Movie, documentary Color: Color Sound: Stereo Language: Spanish, English Genres: Documentary, […]

Full length documentary “Morazán, a revolution as told by its ...

Trainings at CSV
Back in 2006, Regional Manager of Community Service Volunteers (CSV) Training and Enterprise Steve Egan, had the dream and drive to create an online TV station run by volunteers from the community of Preston. The project became a reality in 2007. The programming consisted of shows, reports and shortfilms with a social and community benefit. […]

VolTV. The online TV made by volunteers for the community

Ubuntu is a join effort between African and European youth organisations where NGOs were awarded their efforts in improving their communities. The project started with a seminar and a conference in Brussels and followed in Johannesburg where a group of young people were trained and assessed the contestant organisations. The project ended with a ceremony […]

Video coverage: Ubuntu