2014, 2015 and 2016 in chess. A review of chess events during the 3 first years of chess24. The 24th of February of 2017 chess24 celebrated its third anniversary. This video not only pays tribute to a website that has put the cap in chess content, learning and broadcast quality. This video is a tribute […]

chess24: the first three years

Tata Steel Chess 2017
The Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017 was the first big chess event of the year. Watch it all here. Top players were present and it paves the ways chess will take for the rest of the season. After the success of the recap videos made for the Chess World Championship, due to popular demand, I […]

Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2017: Final recap videos

Carlsen vs Karjakin
Short series of recap videos that summarize the 2016 World Chess Championship games providing useful and practical information for knowledgeable chess audiences, with twists and tensions in the storyline. Just as it happened. I made this series of recap videos for chess24 using the media generated in social networks, chess24 broadcast of the 2016 World […]

2016 World Chess Championship: Final recap videos

chess olympiad 2016
chess24 had a presence in the Chess Olympiad 2016 celebrated in Baku where Anna Rudolf reported the event for and chess24. Here is the final report about the event that I created with ChessCast’s footage and the editorial help of IM Anna Rudolf and chess24 English Editorial Colin McGourty. Click here to learn more […]

Baku Chess Olympiad 2016 final report

  Short news videos going viral based on captions, photos and some footage have been out there since Facebook added the autoplay feature. It’s been on the back of my head to use the format for the chess world for a while. Finally, some spare office time dedicated to creativity brought up the first video […]

chess24 in 1 minute. First video news on chess!

Here a video covering the visit of the winners of tradimo trading competions to Gibraltar where tradimo’s headquarters used to be. Have a look because there is some cool footage of Gibraltar and its curiosities. Don’t miss the flight!

The tradimo Competition Winners Trip to Gibraltar

Ubuntu is a join effort between African and European youth organisations where NGOs were awarded their efforts in improving their communities. The project started with a seminar and a conference in Brussels and followed in Johannesburg where a group of young people were trained and assessed the contestant organisations. The project ended with a ceremony […]

Video coverage: Ubuntu