After more than a decade I’m coming back to 3D design and motion graphics with this advert. With a strong influence from the Game of Thrones series because some chess players have passed the addiction to the series to me, here is a presentation of what you can get if you become a Premium member […]

Advert: chess24 Premium

Recently Tradimo, the trading school, was totally redesigned. It was then time for a new explanatory video with a new look. First, a German version since the major marketing campaign was directed to Germany: Later we went worldwide in English:

Tradimo explanatory video

2014, 2015 and 2016 in chess. A review of chess events during the 3 first years of chess24. The 24th of February of 2017 chess24 celebrated its third anniversary. This video not only pays tribute to a website that has put the cap in chess content, learning and broadcast quality. This video is a tribute […]

chess24: the first three years

ReaCapital is a crowdinvesting real estate development project. A German startup with the idea of bringing real estate investment to the common people who have average savings. Here is the video I made for their landing page based in their lineal illustrations and real architectural designs that are present in the background. A initially challenging […]

Landing page video: ReaCapital

Authors at chess24
chess24 has contributions from World-class chess champions and they have to tell people out there about that. Here is an advert for chess24 that shows off contributors. The advert has a long version for those who enjoy some of the authors’ comments and their personalities: Learn more about my video works for chess24 here.

Authors at chess24 Advert

Hou Yifan tradimo
Women’s World Chess Champion Hou Yifan joins tradimo. I was in charge of making the advert and here it is. I has been localised in German, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. Click here to learn more about my video works for tradimo.

Hou Yifan tradimo advert

tradimo binary options
tradimo is now offering a course on binary options and I was in charge of producing one marketing video and a few educational ones. The following is the English version of the introduction to binary options trading: You can find the rest of the video lessons on binary options trading at Click here to […]

tradimo Binary Options video course

little Traders is out in the App Store. It is an awesome game, funny, cool, vintage. All those who grew up with pixelated videogames can’t avoid looking at it with a smile. And that is exactly the feeling I wanted to communicate with its official trailer and its gameplay videos. Learn more about my role […]

Little Traders trailer and gameplay

A history of chess
This video is a first attempt to make a viral video using the methods of: Reducing a number of historical facts to a limited video length. Using chess history in general to attract audience and inserting a commercial message. Using the auto-play function from Facebook and deliver information from the beginning. Using graphics, music and […]

A short history of Chess, or…Two millennia reduced to 90 ...

Tradimo goes Arabic and Chinese
One of the biggest surprises of the year was to know that all the videos I produced for tradimo are going to be available in Arabic and Chinese! As a video producer, there is nothing better than seeing your productions conquering the world. tradimo videos are already a landmark in the financial markets. So getting […]

tradimo videos go Arabic and Chinese!

The Gibraltar Chess Festival 2015 is one of the first tournaments of the year. This time I didn’t produce the online show. Instead, I went to the field to take photos, videos, make interviews conducted by IM David Martínez, did some video experiments with time-lapse. And had time to produce a promo video showing the […]

Coverage, interviews, filming: Gibraltar Chess Festival 2015

tradimo team and all helpers from at the launch of tradimo 5
The video production for tradimo started some 6 months before the launch of the company. During that time I structured the plan, looked for human resources and teamed up with those members of the team who were working for in the design and IT departments. tradimo was funded by the same people who made […]

Video production for tradimo: the online trading school

Did you know that there is a video explaining what trading shares is and it has an impossible love story behind between a new trader and the daughter of a mogul of the world of apples? Well, it is here 🙂 I wrote the script for this video shortly after St. Valentine’s day… but be […]

What are shares? tradimo marketing/educational video

Trip Advisor screencast
Combining an informative screencast, a commercial message and fun has become sort of a speciality. It just comes naturally because average screencasts and explanatory videos are so boring that every screencast out there really needs something to tell the audience “you will want to watch me!” So this screencast for Trip Advisor, let’s be honest […]

The coolest screencast is for Trip Advisor