Dante's Inferno
If you haven’t read “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri, do not let the age of the book pull you from getting to read it straight away! If you have heard about it, you probably know that the part dedicated to the Hell (l’inferno) is the best. In all honesty, that’s totally true. In fact, […]

Watch the first Italian movie: Dante’s Inferno

In case you  missed it, from January 2017, CIA declassified documents are available online and their texts searchable. All this is happening because researchers complained that only people able to go in person to the National Archives at College Park, Maryland, were able to research CIA documents. In order to make CIA declassified documents globally […]

CREST. The CIA Records live and online. Are they?

Orson Welles War of the Worlds 1938 Radio Broadcast
Writing in 2017 I can’t believe the media can blind the people so much as to make them believe anything that it shows or decides not to show. You could understand that from the radio times. The medium based in sound waves was  the most immediate way to know what was going on around. Orson […]

Listen the original Orson Welles’ War Of The Worlds 1938 ...

In the 1950s Syria, a cuneiform Sumerian text was found and it turned out to be the oldest music composition ever discovered. Here is how it sounds from a midi version that most likely lacks the soul of the piece: Regardless of historical accuracy, music lyre interpreter Michale Levy arranges the piece in a more […]

Listen the oldest music known to date

Leo Tolstoy isn’t among my list of favourite writers but I remember enjoying the reading of Ivan the Fool when I was younger and the message it brought with him. It happened I found this footage of the last years of Leo Tolstoy where he is shown living in the humble way his own philosophy […]

Leo Tolstoy in film

Otello, the character from Shakespeare’s play was my inspiration to create the online magazine Othlo in 2000. I sort of identify myself with Otello, above all because he is a cultural and ethnic misfit in the city where he lives. Othlo, the magazine, was also like that, it was an electronic fanzine… and fanzines when […]