ReaCapital is a crowdinvesting real estate development project. A German startup with the idea of bringing real estate investment to the common people who have average savings. Here is the video I made for their landing page based in their lineal illustrations and real architectural designs that are present in the background. A initially challenging […]

Landing page video: ReaCapital

This is a gallery that is updated regularly. I add here those photos I think are my best. Since I’m constantly organising my old photos and taking new ones, this album just doesn’t grow slowly, it does so traveling in time! so you will see additions from my old photos as well as recent ones. […]

My best photos

Whitewaters time-lapse sunset
Capturing a sunset with a time-lapse is specially challenging. If measurements are gotten wrong, we have to call that a day and rearrange everything again for another one. This video shows the views from the Whitewater building in Gibraltar and captures the sunset that happens just in front of the living room and the swimming […]

Architecture: Whitewater house views and sunset