Shoot’em All Weekend 4

My incursion in fashion photography through the project Shoot’em All Weekend. A concentration of professional photographers, stylists and models in Spain. A number of themes are assigned to photographers who are allocated with models in order to provide the best results in a given time. Not so strict, the concentration has room for networking and experimenting in photography.

Here are my results.

Filming videos, taking photos, editing all that stuff + motion graphics. That’s the hands making the concept, the story and the idea a reality. Before all that, I’m a planner, coordinator, producer, scriptwriter. Currently developing skills in the growth stage: Marketing.

With a long history working in community media and educational sectors, currently a multimedia developer and video producer in the chess world and financial markets. With the latter offering a deep knowledge of trading and investing due to the over a hundred educational videos produced on trading stocks, Forex and cryptocurrencies.

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