The Lost City of Petra

When you visit Petra, you probably don’t believe this exists in this world. No wonder this millennial, originally Nabataean city, inhabited by so many other cultures that you can see it on its walls, impressive and endless where archaeologists still discover new buildings has been in some movies. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade the most notorious and a short appearance in Star Wars Rogue One.

Well, this is just part of it:

Filming videos, taking photos, editing all that stuff + motion graphics. That’s the hands making the concept, the story and the idea a reality. Before all that, I’m a planner, coordinator, producer, scriptwriter. Currently developing skills in the growth stage: Marketing.

With a long history working in community media and educational sectors, currently a multimedia developer and video producer in the chess world and financial markets. With the latter offering a deep knowledge of trading and investing due to the over a hundred educational videos produced on trading stocks, Forex and cryptocurrencies.

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