Welcome! if you are visiting this page is because for whatever reason you are interested in my media creations. If you have reached this page by mistake or you aren’t ready for a lot of me writing about myself and how great my work is, then I encourage you to hold on!

The aim of this page is to show off my work and if you like my stuff we may end up working together. In any case, let’s make this short.

Every media in this page is here because I’m specially proud of it and I have created it almost entirely (idea, script, filming, editing, post-production). Areas like acting, voice over, music and in some cases illustrations are made by other experts and my task is limited to the coordination of those teams and experts. Everything else is my work and that’s why it is here.

My speciality is video production. Under this category we find ads like this one:


Something I’ve done a lot are educational videos. This is an example of one about trading with a heavy content of animation:


Now, some videos with more filming than animations. This is an example of an interview:


Corporate videos is another area I enjoy. Here you can see a couple that presented some challenges. The Hub had to contain handheld footage made by the sponsors and I had to solve it within a stylized video. The second, IANYS, was one I had to make with no footage from the organisation at all:


I’m also involved in live stream video covering events. These are examples of chess tournaments. The first one being the Chess Olympiad in Spanish:


Video making is not just a job for me. as you can imagine, it is also my hobby. I run several personal media projects in my spare time. This one is an example of an experimental kind of travel video called “Around the Table”. This second part is dedicated to Thailand:


Other videos I’ve made are documentaries and reports. the following are two examples. Ubuntu is a video report on the meeting young Europeans and Africans working in the volunteering sector had in South Africa in order to prepare the Volunteering Awards. The second video is one of the episodes of my documentary Morazan, a retrospective into the events of the Latin-american revolution in El Salvador:


Before going into photography, a good transition can be my recent works in architecture video and photography. The following is an example of time-lapse and HDR video:


Photography is more a hobby than a job. Mainly because I don’t really work as a photographer full time. It just happens that wherever I work I end up taking photos too. Nevertheless, I take photos whenever I can and I like to explore new techniques. Here are some of my beloved selected ones:

Finally, graphic design and web design had a role in my life at certain point and currently I still use those skills whenever needed. The following are a selection of graphic designs and web designs: