Welcome! if you are visiting this page is because for whatever reason you are interested in my media creations. If you have reached this page by mistake or you aren’t ready for a lot of me writing about myself and how great my work is, then I encourage you to hold on! The aim of […]


At the time of writing this lines, I’ve been working in media for over 15 years. I’ve touched areas such as graphic design, web design, education in media, video production, photography, coordination of media teams and media projects,… well, categorising my career trajectory can be difficult. But to simplify, my expertise is video production and […]


Jose Huwaidi
To be in touch is the main aim of this site. I’d love to hear from you! Above all if there is something we could do together. There are a number of ways to contact me, the most direct is through the following form: Your Name(required) Email(valid email required) Website Attachment Message   cforms contact […]