At the time of writing this lines, I’ve been working in media for over 15 years. I’ve touched areas such as graphic design, web design, education in media, video production, photography, coordination of media teams and media projects,… well, categorising my career trajectory can be difficult. But to simplify, my expertise is video production and I truly enjoy coordinating media projects.

To make this more manageable I will go in inverse chronological order because I believe I’ve developed my skills with the time, so my latest works are more representative.

So the following is a list of important media projects I have developed for companies and organisations. A couple of them have been my own initiatives and they are here because they opened the doors to upper levels.

Currently I work in Gibraltar as video producer for etruvian Ltd. This involves working for three companies:

chess24, a chess educational online platform with educational videos and live coverage of chess tournaments. I manage a TV studio where I produce live commentary of chess events, live games, chess news and reports and educational videos with chess grand masters. I also produce interviews and video advertisements, which by the way is what I enjoy the most. Visit this post to read and see more about my work at chess24. In the following playlist you can watch a selection of works produced for chess24:

Reafina develops properties in Gibraltar and Germany. I’ve done architecture photography and video for some of their high end buildings in Gibraltar:

And tradimo, an online educational website on trading. I started to work for tradimo time before its launch and I lived a proper startup environment. My role was the development and coordination of all video related. From all the video educational material localised in three languages (English, German and Russian) to advertisements, interviews, the coordination of freelancers located all around the globe, the setup of webinar platforms,… In short, everything video related you can see at is my little creature. The following is a selection of works for tradimo but the number of videos produced is around 300 in each language!

Just as a curiosity. One of the tests I did to get the job at tradimo was to make a fictional ad for Trip Advisor. After getting the job I sent this ad to Trip Advisor and they liked it so much they sent me some goodies! 🙂

Before joining the etruvian Ltd. team I spent more than four years working for CSV Training and enterprise in Preston, UK. Here I developed an online TV channel with the idea of being ran by young people: VolTV. Apart from setting up all things related to the studio, I worked training young people in community media making. We developed TV shows and reports that dealt with topics that matter to local communities like drugs, employment, sexual education, multiculturalism and so on. Below you can find a selection of videos produced by my trainees.


CSV Training and Enterprise was a partner of European Voluntary Service and other European Union projects. So I was also part of youth exchange projects involving meeting other groups of youngsters from other European countries and develop together non-formal education trainings.

TV shows and other videos made by my trainees

Professional productions under the branch CSV Productions

While I worked at CSV, I was an active part of CSV Productions, a branch with the idea of making videos for community projects, social institutions and NGOs. through CSV Productions I had the chance to cover some serious events dealing with volunteering in Europe and Africa, and we produced a number of videos covering community activities.

Before finding my place in the thrilling community of Preston, I spent some time in El Salvador where I collaborated with the Museum of the Word and Image (Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen). My main task here was to develop the department of digitalisation of the museum as part of the CLAMA project (Cultural and Linguistic Archive of Mesoamerica), funded by the Indiana University in the US. This department is still running to this day and it has rescued invaluable video productions made by the guerrillas during the war.

But there is one thing that attracted me to El Salvador: its civil war. By that time I really wanted to get immersed in the aspects related to social revolutions. Parallel to my work in the museum I made the documentary Morazan, a retrospective view of the Salvadoran conflict in a way I’d like to see other documentaries to be done. With the respect serious events that affect society really deserve. This documentary’s production has taken many years to be finished. It will be shortly published and its aim is to be a timeless study on what moves people to join a revolution against a government.

Digitalised videos from the Salvadoran civil war

My documentary on the revolution of El Salvador

Apart from that, I helped in general multimedia creations and developments for the museum, such as the development of their website, design of posters for exhibitions, post-production of documentaries and layout design of books and magazines such as Trasmallo, a magazine on antropology.

During my transition time between Spain and the UK I spent some time making other productions, freelance works and experiments. This is a playlist of assorted videos that I wouldn’t know where to place otherwise.

And although I’ve been doing photography all along my conscious life, this space is also a good place to show my best photographs in general.

During some time I was a web designer. That’s an aspect that I chose not to develop any further and to redirect my career back towards video. Still, I made some web designs:

I currently develop practically any website using WordPress. Combined with my remaining knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL I can achieve certain degree of website personalisation. My biggest achievement using WordPress is a totally functional online shop: Angela Regina’s cards online shop.

Trainings in Spain
Trainings in Spain

Just before moving permanently to the UK, I worked as trainer for the European Union Social Fund teaching web design. Teaching and training is one of my strongest skills and in total I have some 6 years experience training people in different media fields.

At the beginning teaching topics such as video editing, video post-production and camera operation as assistant trainer in EMA RTV under EU Social Fund. Later, I ran two courses on web design with SAFA Professional Schools. Finally, training people in media production in general and community media for CSV.

My career in media suffered a boost in Spain just after finishing my studies. During the time I worked at EMA RTV in Seville, Spain, I rocketed from a trainee position doing everything from live radio control to IT maintenance and camera operation to video editing to become coordinator of the TV department of the company in some one year and a half and trainer for EU Social fund courses. Probably the most hectic period of my working life. We were basically a team of recent graduates making reports on social issues tackling drug addiction and unemployment and on politics making a weekly programme from the Andalusian Parliament.

The following is the first season of the documentary series on drug addiction and treatment Open your Eyes. I produced this series and it will remain as one of my best experiences in my career no matter how long ago it was made.

If there is a creature of mine that has opened doors in my life in professional and personal levels that’s… Othlo. Under that strange name you can find a Spanish language online e-zine. Othlo, a cultural, political, artistic, literary, scientific magazine was set up just by me and my poor web design skills coordinating and getting content from authors all over the Spanish speaking world and beyond. At certain point of my life I just couldn’t afford spending more time updating this magazine. Othlo went to digital art festivals and appeared on the press and radio. I only can feel nostalgia about this project. It is still alive somehow. The last issue of Othlo can be found online surviving in my hosting and I still keep some amazing friendships with really interesting people who collaborated on it.

Othlo logo

We are now travelling dangerously into the past. I hope anything you see here won’t influence future events! If these works are here is because I’m proud of them for being my first works and have some degree of quality.

At the very beginning during my media studies I was more interested in computer generated 2D and 3D animations. And the following are animations I made during my studies for school projects and during my first months working for the industry.