tradimo videos go Arabic and Chinese!

One of the biggest surprises of the year was to know that all the videos I produced for tradimo are going to be available in Arabic and Chinese! As a video producer, there is nothing better than seeing your productions conquering the world. tradimo videos are already a landmark in the financial markets. So getting into two new markets and localising the videos is a great adventure.

Translating all that isn’t that challenging though. From the beginning, I started the video production with the clear idea that they would be localised in different languages. In fact, the launch of tradimo was in English, German and Russian. So localising isn’t something new for tradimo.

So let’s expand the team and spread our videos all over the world.

Around March 2015 in Mandarin Chinese:

Of course, the tradimo website is available in Chinese, and the mandatory Facebook page for tradimo Chinese and the YouTube channel for tradimo Chinese. Since Facebook and YouTube are banned in China, the videos where also published on Tudou tradimo channel and Youku tradimo channel.

And later in June 2015 in Arabic:

Again, the tradimo website is available in Arabic, it has its Facebook page for tradimo Arabic and the YouTube channel for tradimo Arabic.

I can confirm it is really cool to see your videos in both Arabic and Chinese 🙂

If you want to learn more about my role in tradimo, please have a look at this article that explains the whole project.

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