chess24: Marketing videos, educational videos, Live shows, photography and social media 12

Currently I work as video producer for chess24. This is an amazing chess educational platform. Really! It has so many features that it makes it very enjoyable to produce media for it.
Here is where I have produced some marketing videos for the three languages of the site:

Once in a while I produce interviews with Chess Grand Masters:

Sometimes there is a chance to practice photography… thing that chess players in general seem to dislike.

Most of chess24 content are educational video series that are implemented in the web platform so users find themselves in an interactive environment where they observe and practice at the same time. The educational videos look like this, though the full experience comes when watching this on the website at

At chess24 I also produce live shows that we stream to the Website and Livestream. No need to say that together with the platform this makes watching chess tournaments a pretty good experience. The shows are produced from a studio that is connected to the tournament’s venue so we get the chessboard moves and we receive video feeds from there. The biggest event covered by chess24 was the Chess Olympiad 2014 where chess24 was the official online broadcaster and the show was streamed in English, Spanish and Russian. Here are some examples of shows:

The broadcast tool of chess24 is very complete. Most users don’t imagine the amount of features it hosts. Talking about hosts, the commentators duo GM Jan Gustafsson and IM Lawrence Trent bring their own personality to the shows that has built an audience in their own right. Given the task to make an explanatory video / screencast on how to use chess24 broadcast tool, I couldn’t leave behind showing how a show really is with its two hilarious commentators.

Most of chess coverage is done online from a TV studio. But if something happens around and I have the chance to take the camera and go to the field, there we go! This playlist shows some videos and interviews produced for the Gibraltar Chess Festival.

I’m also involved in the creation of motion graphics. The following are the intro and lower thirds for social networks:

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