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The video production for tradimo started some 6 months before the launch of the company. During that time I structured the plan, looked for human resources and teamed up with those members of the team who were working for in the design and IT departments. tradimo was funded by the same people who made a success in poker education. And this time they wanted to try with trading education.

This is a video with CEO Dominik Kofert introducing tradimo:

I had some 40 videos to produce that soon became over a hundred. Apart from this, I also had to setup remotely the equipment of expert traders who would create video tutorials in a daily basis; and the online coaching system for the seminars and personal coachings tradimo offers to his users.

By the way, all this in 3 languages: English, German and Russian. The plan was to launch tradimo in all three languages at the same time.

I basically hired freelancers for roles I wasn’t able to cover or I needed help with due to the strict deadlines:

tradimo team and all helpers from at the launch of tradimo

tradimo team and all helpers from at the launch of tradimo

And a number of proof readers, quality assurance experts and translators who were part of tradimo editorial group. The leading designer for Katja Müller gave the directions of the general design of the whole tradimo corporate image including the videos. Julia Depis executed the designs with mastery and efficiency. At a later stage, designers Niklas Fuchs and Jana Hauschild were my main contacts in all design matters.

In any case, the list of names, events, action plans, decisions and discussions is far too long to be described.

tradimo video production plan

tradimo video production plan

A very important phase was the decision on what kind of style tradimo would have. This was decided before I joined the team. A whole set of illustrations representing hundreds of items, actions and characters that play a role in the financial markets and trading was designed. I really mean it, every single concept had its own design that we had to respect throughout the video making or any other design process.

tradimo illustrations

tradimo illustrations with the famous tradimo guy and tradimo girl

There were also a whole set of rules, corporate colours and all that sort of stuff a new company needs.

tradimo rules

tradimo rules, corporate colours, font types, styles,…

Finally, the design workflow also included my own design requests. For example, when writing the technical script for marketing videos I sent my storyboards to the designers with some instructions:

tradimo storyboard

tradimo storyboard. The final scene of the famous “What are stocks and shares” marketing video

There are a number of different types of videos at tradimo: marketing, promos, educational, interviews and coverage of events.

Marketing videos are my favourite ones because they combine elements from educational material with promotional aims. I also had enormous creative freedom during their production. In most cases I adapted the script from an article. What are stocks and shares became a love story that explains what all that about buying and selling shares is. How to start trading Forex came from a dry article that listed the main trading concepts and became an easier to watch video with certain story line and practical elements.

A number of promo videos advertising tradimo offers and new services where produced:

Educational videos is the main educational material together with the articles. There are over a hundred of them and their production represented a challenge in the sense that they had to be mass produced and they should be easy to localise to other languages. How they are done and what technology is used is still kept as a secret. They represent the biggest success in the tradimo video production because they fulfilled the following prerequisites:

  1. They could be created by non-video experts
  2. They could be produced without the use of professional video software
  3. They should look professionally made
  4. They should be easy to localise by translators from their own computers (without the intervention of dedicated video software)
  5. The production costs should be minimal.

Once those elements were covered, some more layers of complexity were added to make them look and feel better:

  • A stage of post-production was added. The post-production consisted in adding some FX filters that hid how the videos are made. In fact, most people are very surprised to learn how the video production is initiated.
  • A series of mistake-proof mechanisms were added. Dealing with complex financial concepts was open to mistakes from production stages as initial as the script. Due to the workflow of this videos it was very hard to change something at a later stage. So after some trial and error, the mechanisms were added in a way that a change didn’t represent a major delay.

The result is, leaving humbleness aside, what are the best mass produced trading educational videos in the market:

During some time, we decided to make interviews with expert traders who would set an example to those newcomers to the industry. tradimo was known by its videos full of animations and lack of real people on them. So making the transition to interviews needed a style that shouldn’t break the corporate image. I combined black and white with slightly overexposed colour scenes. Some shots were black and white leaving the charts’ candlesticks in colour so the predominant tones were white, blue and orange.

Finally, to a lesser extend considering that tradimo is an online company, I covered a couple of events such as the visit of winners of tradimo trading competition to the headquarters in Gibraltar and the first anniversary of the company.

Finally, at certain stage, I was also involved in the design of banners, website graphics and CSS designed webpages. You can find more information about this in my post Designs for tradimo.

As I mentioned earlier, all the above content was launched also in German and Russian. Later in 2015, tradimo got funding to localise all the content, including videos, to Arabic and Chinese Mandarin. Seeing the videos one has made in other languages is pretty self-rewarding. I hope we will have the chance to translate the videos to more languages. The following are playlists of tradimo videos in:





And that was the adventure of tradimo video production. Today, tradimo headquarters are located in Denmark after it was partially acquired by the CFH Group. The team dispersed and currently tradimo is offering its usual services in English, German and Russian, expanding to Arabic and Chinese and looking for more markets to conquer. Though totally as an online company where most members of the staff are located anywhere in the world. Just as founder Sebastian Kuhnert envisioned.

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