The coolest screencast is for Trip Advisor

Combining an informative screencast, a commercial message and fun has become sort of a speciality. It just comes naturally because average screencasts and explanatory videos are so boring that every screencast out there really needs something to tell the audience “you will want to watch me!”

So this screencast for Trip Advisor, let’s be honest about it, wasn’t intended to be for Trip Advisor. It was a test to get another job. They asked me to make a fictitious screencast marketing video for Trip Advisor. So I did it and got the job. Later on I sent the video to Trip Advisor and they liked it so much that they sent a bunch of goodies for me and the actor Balazs Garda.

In spite of the time that has passed since I made this video, I still use it as an example of what I can do as a screencast. As you can see, this isn’t just recording the screen of the computer.

Starring: Balazs Garda
Music: Pharaos “Warzaw Express”

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